Conway Historical Society, located in the hills of western Massachusetts, is an all volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the historical materials and cultural heritage of our corner of New England.

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Join us on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 7:30 pm,  for 

"Hidden in the Rocks: After the Continents Collided"

a presentation about Conway's geology by resident amateur geologist Robert Nowak, who's spent years closely studying the components and formations of his rocky Whately Road hillside.  Bob will present a short scientific history of Conway's landscape. His property was evidently the site of at least one 1700s mine, at a time when new settlers prospected for minerals, gemstones, and/or silver.  This was decades before the Rev. Edward Hitchcock brought his early, avid interest in the young science of mineralogy to town as a resident minister and part-time explorer of Conway's deforested terrain. 

Refreshemnts will be served.

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